WalkThru makes a positive difference to thousands of people around the world.

With WalkThru I turn a 20 page document that would’ve taken a day to produce into a 2 hour task.

Karen Nand Change Manager, Insight CRM Project, UNSW Global

WalkThru has proved to be an invaluable tool in creating work instructions for my current project. Besides being very user friendly, the screens are clear and the pointers and numbers are easy to move around on the page. One of the key features with this application is the ability to be able to update a screen capture halfway through the steps without having to re-number every single screen that follows. This saves a huge amount of time – especially when instructions and processes are constantly changing. I have received many comments about the guides that I have created saying how well presented they are how easy they are to follow. I would highly recommend WalkThru to any training developer as an essential tool for your work instructions in the future.

Kaye McClure NSW Education - SAP Training Development and Delivery

This program is the most exceptional document creation process I have seen. It is extremely easy to use, has a lot of publishing options and the help is fantastic.

Julie Headford Ineco

The team used WalkThru to prepare material for the upgrade, and it has been a godsend.

Enterprise Systems Support Manager International Consultancy

WalkThru makes the screen capture process a breeze, instead of using multiple tools I can use one simple and easy tool to get the job done! It saves me so much time!

Lian Passmore Instructional Designer - Northpower

You capture your screens, do your numbering and then your output. It’s so much quicker than other tools.

Fiona Boath Learning & Development Consultant

With WalkThru I can create help guides in 90% less time than it would normally take.

Rob Wilkins Rob Wilkins, Leader Information Management Systems, School policy and Information Management, NSW Education

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