Technical Information

WalkThru from Linrock Software is a Windows Desktop Application written in C# XAML. It requires Windows 7 or 10 and .NET 4.6. A display of 1920 x 1080 or greater is recommended. The software produces content in Word (DOCX) and Powerpoint (PPTX) formats. Software capable of viewing those formats will be required.

The WalkThru installer uses Squirrel for installation and automatic updates. WalkThru is installed to appdata\local\Walkthru on the users system. In some environments this can be performed without admin privileges.

On first launch the application presents a dialog asking for name, company and email address as well as agreement to the EULA. This information is sent to This service returns an encoded package which is stored in appdata\Roaming\LinrockWalkThru or appdata\Roaming\LinrockWalkThru2. This package contains the license information for this user and is evaluated by the application on each launch. The package contains identification information as well as license expiry and feature availability.

Also on first launch the application will create a folder in the users documents folder and deploy a package of templates.

On each launch the application makes a connection to to check for legitimacy and validity of the license and the availability of updates. If there is an update available it will be downloaded in the background and an indicator is displayed in the application prompting for an application restart. Restarting the application will trigger the update.

To assist in product quality and stability, the application automatically reports on feature usage and any technical issues. It does not collect any proprietary information. For the purpose of clarity, no text or images or any other content added by the user are collected. A report on information collected for any licensed user is available on request.

In some circumstances we provide alternative installation methods where there are specific security and/or packaging requirements.

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