WalkThru directly creates and maintains Knowledge Base articles in ServiceNow.

Document any software procedure in a fraction of the time it takes using standard methods - then deploy it directly in the ServiceNow KnowledgeBase.

WalkThru connects to ServiceNow directly using the ServiceNow API. WalkThru can create new articles and also update existing articles. Customers report creation speeds of 3x normal methods.

WalkThru also gives you full control over the style and layout of your articles so you can standardize appearance and structure.

Quick Video Overview

Instant Fully Formatted ServiceNow Knowledge Articles direct from WalkThru.

Instant Knowledge Articles

Rapidly capture the knowledge and instantly create fully formatted ServiceNow Knowledge Articles

Automatic Structure and Layout

Automatic reformatting of the creator's work to suit the ServiceNow Knowledge Base. One step in WalkThru delivers a screenshot (with counter markup) as well as an ordered procedure in text (including an automatic snip of the important area of the screen)

Instant Navigation

Automatically create a table of contents in the ServiceNow Knowledge Article to allow the user to quickly find the applicable section.

Help Desk Benefits
  • Reduce Calls

    Accurate and up to date instructions allow users to help themselves without having to call the help desk.

  • Improve Speed

    Easy to understand materials reduce the time it takes to resolve a users issue.

  • Consistency

    Handle the same issue in the same way everytime.

  • Faster incident resolution

    Handle some incidents faster by providing clear visual instructions.

  • Compliance

    A clear, complete rule book makes it easier for the help desk and the users to to the right thing.

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