IT procedures are now the backbone of all major enterprises

Capturing and Sharing 'how to' information across the enterprise just became easier

Up to date procedural instructions benefits the whole organization.

Better ROI, less mistakes, and happier users of your IT enviroment.

WalkThru is a logical, pragmatic solution for capturing, formatting and standardizing IT procedures for users.

User documentation allows employees to use any application in the way it was intended and to deliver the ROI that was promised.

Enterprise Benefits
  • Software Utilization

    Users are more likely to use software if they know how to use it effectively (and without having to risk embarassment asking others)

  • Less mistakes

    Users facing an ambiguous UI? Current instructions avoid errors.

  • Onboarding staff

    Avoid the enterprise software version of Chinese Wispers. Provison of a rule book removes creative on the job training.

  • Outsourcing a function

    Encapsulating the tasks in a clear, visual, unambiguous and standardized way allows for flexibility with resourcing.

  • Compliance

    A clear, complete rule book makes it easier for the help desk and the users to to the right thing.

  • Operational Confidence

    The business looks more organized. The business is more organized.

High Praise

“WalkThru makes the screen capture process and breeze. Instead of using multiple tools I can use one simple and easy tool to get the job done! It saves me so much time!”

Lian Passmore, Northpower

Up to date IT user documentation provides extraordinary benefits to organizations.

End Users

Clear instructions, less frustration, more productive, happier users.

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Help Desk

More efficient users, reduced helpdesk calls.

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Increase software utilization, improve IT user satisfaction.

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